About Me

Linux administrator since 2004.

No profiled education, all knowlege is self-educated.

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Linux administration

OS: CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora.

Databases: MySQL (Oracle MySQL, Percona), Memcached (CouchDB)

Web|servers: nginx, apache, lighthttpd, HaProxy, OpenResty+lua (based on nginx)

CI/CD: Jenkins, TeamCity, Ansible

Scripting: bash, php, python, perl
(order by desc ;) )

Variative software: dns-servers(bind, maradns), nagios, network gateway, vpn tunneling.

Information gathering

Strong skill using google search! ;)

Other skills

Video editing using Adobe Premiere
3D modeling usiing Blender

Driver license category B.


Stepik.org "Python programming" (cert)


Love to cook meat. Check out my instagram.

Voulonteer. Check out my facebook page.